1、The reason why…is that…

例句:The reason why she did it is that she wouldn’t let her parents feel disappointed.


2、It is adj. for sb to do sth.

例句: It is pleasing for XiaoQiang to study with XiaoHua.

说明: 对于….来说,做….是….的。It做形式主语,实际主语是to do不定式。

3、get sth/sb adj.

例句:he get me worry.(他令我很担心)


4、would like to do sth

例句:I would like to give you a surprise.


5、not just,but

例句:I will not just give you a fish, but teach you to fish.


6、not only … but also…

1、并列主语:Not only you but also he is going to the cinema this evening.
2、并列宾语:He can speak not only English but also French.
3、并列谓语:He can not only speak English but also write in it.
4、并列分句:Not only can he speak English but also he can speak French.


7、look forward to

例句:I look forward to reading this book called How To Programming.


8、be into

例句:I am into programming.



1、make sure that…(确保什么…)
例句:Please make sure that all that you do is worth(请确保你所做的一切都是值得的。).

2、the reason for doing lie in …(做某事的原因在于…)
例句:the reason for doing exercise lie in making us strong.

3、be interested in sth/doing sth.(对某事/做某事感兴趣)
例句:I am interested in doing physical exercise every day.

4、in order to do sth.(为了做某事)
例句:We have to face challenges and difficulties in order to grow up.

5、lead to(导致–>多指动态/发生的动作引发的结果)
例句:Eating too much sugar can lead to health problems.

6、result in(导致/造成–>多是静态、客观的一件事或物,同时被引起的通常是消极的事故或方面)
例句:The traffic accident lead to three person to die.

7、What’s your opinion about….(对…你的看法是什么)
例句:What is your opinion about your Englis Teacher?

8、What do you think of….(你认为…怎么样?)
例句:What do you think of your English Teacher?

9、It is without doubt that/to do ….(什么什么是毫无疑问的)
例句:It is without doubt that doing physical exercise can keep health to body.